Our activities( GCC region)

1.    Trade development

  • Researching export opportunities for  hungarian companies

  • Business partner mediation

  • Gathering information on the tender opportunities and forwarding to SMEs

  • Developing agriculture and livestock breeding efficiency with the involvement of hungarian experts

  • Building and expanding agricultural and meat industry product trade

  • Managing, implementation, tracking of logistics, delivery solutions

  • Organizing business meetings

  • Implementing export related promotional materials and communication projects

  • Preparing marketing, brand, image for hungarian clients(arab-specific)

  • "After sales network" (Customer Follow Up)

  • Organizing „After sales network”, local work cordination( Customer Follow Up)

  • Researching local bank contacts, maintaining contact, export financing, refinancing preparation: specific project-finance, trade&commodity finance management

  • Organizing the management of export prefinancing

  • Providing foreign market information on capital investment opportunities in neighboring countries

  • Informing electronically on capital allocations related information and investment opportunities

  • Organizing business trips, visas, accomodation, local delivery

2. Warehouseing, supply chain. ( Trading house - Warehousing, supply chain).


  • Establishing own warehouses in Jebel Ali FZ.  100% privately owned company registered in the freezone.
  • Storing Hungarian exporters' products for Hungarian clients at their own cost, selling products at wholesale based on the owner's request with an agency contract. Bank contacts related to this.
  • In the case of food products, infrastructure, refridgeration, storage.
  • In the case of building materials and heavy goods, handling infrastructure ( it is advantageous to use our current local hungarian oriented office because it is not possible and not worth it for hungarian companies entering the middle-east market to develop an infrastructure and maintain there own representative individually.)


3. Investment incentives(FDI)


  • Searching for Hungarian investments, offering those to investors from the Arab Gulf States based on the requests of the Hungarian investors.
  • Regional project management
  • Informing investors on the state investment support program in the GCC area, coordinating with Hungarian authorities.
  • Searching for sites, proposals for suitable investments
  • Publishing promotional materials in different languages and in electronic and printed formats


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