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The establishment of our office in Abu Dhabi/UAE.

In accordance with the Hungarian government’s policy of opening up to Eastern economies it supported , the establishment of our trade development office in the Al Mazroui group office in Abu Dhabi. The office will carry out activities in The United Arab Emirates and Qatar. At a later date – if there is sufficient Hungarian demand- we will undertake tasks in other Arab gulf states.

In 2020 Dubai would like to host the world expo(DUBAI EXPO 2020). Compared to the other bidders, Thailand/Ayutthaya, Sao-Paolo, Yekaterinburg, Izmir, Dubai is able to offer more advantageous conditions in all areas for a successful Expo. Political economic stability, central location, public safety, highly developed hotel and hospitality industry, multicultural environment.

The organizers dreamt up the newly planned area of 438 hectares next to Al Maktoum International Airpor, which will be completed in 2013 and can be expanded to handle 160 million people/year.
 Approximately $6bn will be spent on the World Expo building construction  On top of this will be infrastucture developments (roads, railways, bridge construction) which it is hoped will establish an entirely new area of the city. Thus, the total investment will exceed $10bn.
The road and rail network and infrastructure development will begin in the second half of 2013, before the investments. We believe it is important

Companies operating in The Emirates have generally been operating for years or even decades in the area. We work together with local business partners, who in certain cases are the distributors for their own products, in other cases they operate a joint partnership with the foreign company. The involvement of the appropriate business partner is a key factor in the success of companies operating in this region. Without them, it is extremely difficult to establish a strategy, obtain market information, provide the necessary legal environment or comply with the regulatory requirements. The companies operating in The Emirates carry out extremely strong lobbying activities in the home countries( often at Prime Minister level) in the interests of successful participation in the projects.
We would like to expand our current office activities – based on the german example-  with representative office tasks.

We have a licence, with the right for contracting and project management in both the contruction industry and agriculture. A large number of hospitals and Health facilities belong to the Al MAZROUI GROUP and we operate them. SUSCA LLc. . is a member of AL MAZROUI GROUP. Planning, investments, contruction industry, food trading, agricultural products, steel industry, Al Mazroui Centre etc.

It is important to note that in all the Arab Gulf States, foreign companies can only take part in state tenders with the involvement of a local representative or an agent(sponsor). Foreign companies can only bid in tenders if they have established a company with a local partner, but in this case the local partner’s share must be minimum 51%. Since we already meet these administrative conditions through our representative office SUSCA, we can provide the following for Hungarian firms: direct market presence, assistance on projects, active participation in product sales. Our Abu Dhabi representatives are located in the business district with an office and a meeting room 150 meters from the Hungarian Embassy.With our contacts, infrastructure and experience we can support the work of trading-houses to be established by the State. We can also assist their operations, market presence in the area, as well as offering a direct, cost efficient, and professional market presence.


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